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We know how to get your best possible outcome while protecting you from the ATO. Whether you have one to do, or even 24 years (yes, that's our record), our highly effective process will help you get it done as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

Step 1 - Call us on 49749969 for your initial phone consultation

  • In your initial phone consultation we will:
  • Identify the information you’ll need for your returns to be prepared.
  • Prioritise between what’s essential, what’s useful and what you don’t need to do.
  • Offer handy hints for getting the right evidence to support your claims.
  • Cover how to record your information most easily and efficiently.

We can help you fill in gaps such as missing payment summaries using our Tax Agent ATO Portal.

Step 2 - Review your Online Tax Return Checklist

  • You can get started straight away. 
  • After your phone consultation, we send you an email with a link to our amazing online tax checklist. It helps you to collect everything you need. 
  • The online form asks you easy YES and NO questions then tells you what to look for and record.

Step 3 - Using our templates, recording your details is simple and straightforward

  • See the ATO-approved Excel templates on our website - for sole traders, work deductions, rental properties and capital gains. 
  • Use our templates to transform your paperwork into an accurate record of your income and expenses that can stand up to ATO scrutiny.  
  • Note: We are not bookkeepers.  For substantial data-entry or for a company, we can recommend appropriate software and refer you to a local bookkeeper.

Step 4 - Once you're ready, simply upload your files with your answers.

  • Our Online Checklist lets you attach and securely send electronic files to us.
  • Alternatively, write in the form what information you're bringing to our office.
  • You can Save the form as you go along and return to it later via the link in the email.
  • When you're ready, click on Submit and your information package is securely sent to us.

Step 5 - Your Tax Consultation

  • We will then review your information and call you to arrange an appointment.
  • During the first consultation we will review things and give you a fees-estimate. (see payment options below)
  • We request a deposit to start work, and let you know if anything else is needed.
  • We will meet again to try to improve the return with you (find more deductions etc). We'll discuss the returns to ensure you understand your outcome. 
  • Tax returns are lodged when they are signed and our fees are settled (see options below).
  • If you have a tax debt we can negotiate with the ATO on your behalf.

If you only have one or two returns, we may just get it done in one meeting.

Payment Options: 

  • Bank Transfer, Visa or Mastercard.
  • Fee from Refund - if you're due a tax refund, you can pay our fees with it. *
  • Fees Finance - a 6, 9 or 12 month loan to pay off our fees, to ensure your returns can be lodged ASAP if an accounting bill is not good for your cash flow right now. *

* Charges and conditions apply


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