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Auditing and Assurance Services

Everything under one roof.

  For convenience and peace of mind this financial year, you can have all your Audit & Assurance requirements taken care of through our office. We handle the Tax & Accounting, and the Auditors independently report on the truth and fairness of the financial information prepared by us on behalf of Directors and those charged with the responsibility of governance. 

To meet local demand we have developed a referral relationship with a highly reputable audit firm in Brisbane. We don't receive any commissions or rewards for their work. Discovery Coast businesses and community groups will benefit from being able to access these services locally. Our long-term objective is to gain an audit licence within our practice. 

Specialist licensed auditors at Chan & Naylor in Brisbane engage our clients for the audit, and work with us online and in person when we visit their offices. 

Our clients can deliver their records to our Agnes Water office and liaise with Kristie, who is available to assist with the audit engagement from start to finish. Kristie is experienced with audits from her previous employment in Chartered Accounting firms, and aims to register as a company auditor with further experience and upon completion of her CPA Program.

Who needs auditing services:

Businesses, Charities or Not for Profit (NFP) organisations, Incorporated Associations, Trust Accounts for Real Estate, Management Rights and Lawyers , Bodies Corporate, Registered Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs), Gaming Licenses and Grant recipients. All types of auditing services are covered, with their many varied requirements, compliance rules and regulations.

Sometimes a business may be required to obtain an independent verification of all the company’s assets, its liabilities, income and expenditure. They may provide a set of audited and verified financial statements for this purpose.

Companies, corporations or small businesses may be required to carry out an audit for a number of reasons – for shareholders or a board of directors, before taking a company public, to present at an AGM, for added insurance coverage or to comply with bank lending criteria.

When your business requires an independent auditing service, no matter the reason, our referral partners will conduct a timely, cost-effective and efficient audit for you. You can expect professional presentation, schedules and required disclosures of your financial statements.

Regular auditing of financial statements can be invaluable when seeking out lenders or investors in the future. Audited records provide assurance to banks should you need to apply for unexpected loans or extensions.

A trusted Auditor’s opinion and verification of how well a company run provides shareholders and potential investors a higher level of assurance of the quality of their (potential) investment. Furthermore, the Audit Process can give the owners of the business assurance of their Internal Controls.

An independent Audit from a registered company auditor is a vital tool in determining the value of shares or the value of the organisation as a whole. The findings from a quality audit report would be useful in due diligence processes in preparation for the sale of a business, mergers, acquisitions or entrance of a new managing director / partner.

Last by not least, Audits satisfy requirements of the Australia Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC).

Experienced specialists will provide you with a comprehensive, highly professional, efficient and effective business, trust account or NFP audit. Our audit philosophy is integrity based with strict adherence to regulations and laws.


Compared to mid-tier firms, our referral partner's fees are reasonable and they focus on delivering quality audit services within an agreed turnaround time. 

The ATO has been investigating low cost audits and ASIC has issued warnings that some low-cost providers are breaching compliance and independence requirements. The cheapest quotes often have costly outcomes down the track. 

Please contact us for an initial consultation to discuss your requirements

We are committed to providing highly quality professional services to the Discovery Coast and appreciate your support.


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