We want to make sure your business is inputting the correct information, and that its structure and systems are appropriate. We can guide you through the process, pointing out how your business can be more efficiently run, and help you to plan your tax and financial affairs so as to minimise your risks and prepare for growth.

We don't want you walking out of a meeting more confused than when you walked in. Our aim is for you to understand what the numbers mean and how the system works, so that you'll collaborate with us to formulate plans. 

Our approach makes it easier for you to give us the right information so we can be as thorough and efficient as possible. In the process, we look for ways to improve your outcome. When you meet with us, let's focus on the things that save you money and put you back in control of your business.


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Quality Assurance: We do not use offshore outsourcing. All work is done in our office, to a very high standard by our experienced team. Due care and consideration is always given to our clients and we strive to work in an ethical and legal manner. Plus - our services are highly personalised and you will find us easy to deal with. 

Pricing: You will know from the start what the bill will be. We offer fixed fees and monthly billing for ongoing services. Our pricing is based on our competency and your requirements. 

We can train staff and show you how to understand reports which can be a powerful management tool. It is important to us that you make a fully informed choice for the sustainability of your business. We have a proven track record in this specialised area, so let us join you as a business partner.


As tax specialists, we're comfortable dealing with complex issues and are committed to achieving the best possible tax outcomes for your business.

  • Business Tax Returns for SME's - Partnerships, Companies and Trusts.
  • Individual Tax Returns for the directors and beneficiaries of our SME business clients.
  • Individual Tax Returns for GST-registered sole traders who are using cloud accounting software (note: we do not prepare other individual tax returns)
  • Business and Instalment Activity Statements for monthly, quarterly and annual reporting.
  • Fringe Benefits Tax return lodgment.
  • Payroll reporting, STP, salary sacrifice arrangements.
  • Capital Gains Tax and CGT Small Business Concessions.
  • ATO representation, private rulings, objections.
  • Overseas income, transfer pricing, foreign branches and changes in tax residency.
  • Tax planning and advice on any type of transaction.


As small business advisers, we come up with solutions to minimise your tax and help you stay in control of your business.

  • Business support: advice on record keeping systems, internal accounting procedures, calculate charge rates and terms of trade, set up accounting system and chart of accounts, training.
  • Preparation of financial statements for tax returns and also for your business needs such as annual reviews, finance requirements.
  • Budgets, cash flow analysis, forecasting and management reporting with analysis of KPIs relevant to your business, using modern cloud business tools that integrate with your accounting system.
  • We have extensive experience with new businesses and restructuring. We can help you choose the right business structure and handle all the necessary registrations with ASIC and the ATO - TFN, ABN, GST, PAYG etc.
  • Business Health Check: Monitoring changes in business performance and against industry benchmarks.
  • Analysis of equity, cash flow, profit and surplus for your drawings or reinvestment.
  • Advice about your obligations as an employer: PAYG withholding, superannuation guarantee and fringe benefits, and if contractors are actually employees.
  • Business succession and exit strategies. 
  • Business buy/sell.


Are you using the appropriate accounting software for your business?

Having the right accounting software properly set up by your accountant will certainly save you time and money. Bank feeds, automations and paperless record keeping can let you focus on growing your business and getting paid, rather than shuffling paperwork and hours of data entry.
The main accounting software systems that we recommend are:


We also use HUBDOC and RECEIPT BANK for your paperless document management.

Our Services:

  • Cloud Accounting Strategy Roadmap
  • New Accounting System Set Up 
  • Training for Business Owners, Staff and Bookkeepers
  • Existing System Health Checks 
  • Business Performance and Management Advice
  • Regular Accounts Maintenance (e.g. monthly)
  • Assisting with add-ons and integrations to help you manage your business.


Please don't hesitate to approach us for expert tax advice if you're planning to buy or sell property, move overseas or make an important business decision.

Contact us about the following:
If we're unable to provide the service ourselves, we may be able to refer you to someone who can. Email us about your requirements and we'll call you back. We're actively growing our network of trusted specialists in this region, to help us meet the broader needs of our clients, and are interested to hear from other specialists who can assist..

  • Auditing
  • Business coaching
  • CFO / Business management services
  • Legal advice
  • Mortgage broking
  • Financial planning
  • Insurance
  • Self-managed superannuation funds
  • Building depreciation
  • Overseas tax returns


Depending on the size and particular needs of your business, financial statements and other documents can be professionally prepared each month, quarter, half year or annually.

The company secretarial accounting services we provide include:

  • Preparation of minutes and resolutions
  • Standard profit and loss statements and balance sheets
  • Cash flow analysis statements for growing businesses
  • Documentation when forming a company
  • Maintenance of all statutory books
  • Advice and assistance where there are changes of directors, office details, shareholders and business addresses
  • Company searches
  • Acting as registered office and mailing address for all ASIC documentation.
  • ASIC Registered Agent services, annual reviews and electronic notifications.
  • ASIC Connect for business name registrations.

Ensuring your business is complying with all relevant company legislation and Corporations Law can be a stressful, complex and extremely time-consuming activity. Our professional company secretarial accounting services take all the worry out of this for you. Let us take over these activities for you, allowing you to get back to the task of running and growing your business. 


From June 2019 we have ceased providing financial advice and SMSF services, to focus on accounting, tax and business advisory services. However, we collaborate with a trusted network of financial advisers to help manage our clients' broader financial affairs INCLUDING SELF-MANAGED SUPERANNUATION. 

Independent Financial Advice means that no commissions, volume based payments, gifts or other benefits are received by the adviser.  Independent advice should be free from conflicts of interest. As accountants, this is the key reason independence matters to us. We don't accept referral fees.

Some information about financial advice:

In Australia, to provide financial advice requires one to either hold a license or be an authorised representative of a license holder. The vast majority of financial advisers in Australia provide advice as the authorised representatives of a financial services license holder.  Many, if not most of those representatives are in the business of selling financial products.

We don't sell financial products or recommend specific products offered by financial institutions or other third parties. We are not affiliated with any dealer groups. We don't accept commissions or incentives from any of the financial advisers that we refer our clients to, either. It's a trust thing.

Issues to be aware of in the financial planning process.

Buying a financial product differs radically to most other types of product you can buy in Australia.  If you buy a product at your local store and something goes wrong with it, you can take it back and seek a refund.  If you put money into a managed investment scheme which loses money, your options may be much more limited.  

The financial planning process seeks your informed consent to pursue a financial plan. Personalised financial advice must be accompanied by a Statement of Advice (SoA) detailing (amongst other things) what assumptions have been made and any limitations regarding that advice. Financial Products must be accompanied by a Product Disclosure Statement or PDS. This is for your benefit as a consumer; but that isn't the end of the story.

Conducted correctly, which is to say in accordance with relevant legislation; financial planning and product advice leaves you liable for your own financial choices.  This extends to the financial products you buy and the financial plan you pursue. 

The money in your Super is just as real as money in your bank account.  Do you know what fees are associated with your Super fund or how fees and other expenses within your fund might affect the growth of your savings?  Do you know how much money is in your bank account and how much goes into and out of it each month, more or less?  What about your Super?

You may end up paying commissions to the planner selling you the product over several years. That money might be being taken out of your premiums or directly from your super fund.  Obviously, people have to be paid for the services they perform, but do you know what commissions and management fees you are paying and why?

Are you seeing this kind of information on other Financial Advice webpages?  Or are you seeing sales patois about your dream retirement and the extensive experience of chain of people employed to get you there? Perhaps some sunny beaches, golf carts and middle aged people smiling serenely into middle distance? And a tiny little bit of text about commissions being extracted from your savings along the way? Be curious.

A financial planner's legal duties include "knowing their client" and "acting in their clients best interest."  Yet many if not most financial planners are in the job of selling products.  Further, financial planners act under a "fiduciary duty" where it must be assumed that there is a disparity between what you (the customer) knows about a financial product and they (the professional planner) know. 


  • If you yourself haven't considered your goals and objectives thoroughly, how can a planner act in accordance with them?
  • Are you taking responsibility for choices you understand?  If so, to what extent?
  • Have you identified your financial risks?
  • Are your goals realistically achievable?
  • How do you balance your capacity to save with your quality of life needs now?

Your options as a consumer are to select financial products (like superannuation or insurance) either actively, pursuing answers and seeking advice, or passively by making broad brush choices about products (like super) that may or may not contain other products (like life insurance and income protection). Is your employer just plonking money in your Super every month while you sit hoping that it will be enough for when you retire?

If you seek independent financial advice, the advice you get should help you to identify good questions to ask about your current financial product providers about your existing choices. You may also want to explore the many different choices available to you... so that you can, if you like, go on to explore particular products yourself or seek advice from those authorised to sell them. 

Financial planning isn't just a process of identifying goals and objectives and fitting products to them.  It should be ongoing. It can be creative. 

  • Might you need less retirement savings if you can earn an income from consultancy into your late 60s?
  • How does an investment property work in an SMSF?
  • How can I manage my contributions between salary sacrificing and non-concessional contributions?
  • How do I balance the need to invest in my business with saving into super?

A good independent adviser can help with some of these questions, starting with the kinds of advice below. 

Educational advice on "classes of product" as follows:

  • Basic deposit products, such as term deposits.
  • General insurance products (e.g. business insurance and mortgage insurance).
  • Life risk products (e.g. income protection, life insurance, total permanent disability insurance and others).
  • Simple managed investment schemes.
  • Securities (classes of shares, diversification within portfolios, risk management strategies).
  • Superannuation.
  • Self-Managed Superannuation. (SMSF's)

We can provide tax advice and accounting advice as your appointed tax agent and accountant.  This covers:

  • Tax efficiency of a particular investment strategy (e.g. capital versus income producing investments).
  • Advice on investments that are not (technically) financial products, such as investment properties.
  • Business strategy.
  • Budgeting.
  • Streamling the flow of relevant information to your financial planner (who is not a tax specialist), and assisting them to form financial advice with better tax outcomes for you.

Please contact us if you would like to engage our accounting and tax services in combination with a referral to a suitable financial planner.


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